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Native Application

Native apps are popular in the mobile industry as they can take advantage of the specific operating system's inbuilt features and perform fast and smooth at the same time. Such apps are build for specific app stores such as Google play. Our native application developers build apps utilizing all the OS specific features to offer excellent user experience.

Hybrid Application

Many businesses prefer hybrid apps as they can use the same code for all to be compatible with varied mobile platforms like iPhone, Android etc. It also reduces the development time and cost. We have the expertise to combine the potential of development with the advanced mobile frameworks like PhoneGap & Sencha to build apps that perform like native ones.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have come a long way in accelerating business growth. ERP empowers organizations with real time access to information, and enables them to take quick decisions to boost growth. However, ERP applications are not routine software applications; they directly impact how the business conducts itself. In most cases, existing business processes have to be re-engineered and mapped to the business process as defined in the ERP system. This has many implications - the approach to crafting solutions, implementation and eventual system sustenance have to be carefully managed to reap the full potential of an ERP implementation. It is crucial that potential suppliers of IT infrastructure completely understand not only proposed solutions but also the business into which solution is being installed. As the growing organizations needs proper resource planning system for smoother interaction among their everyday operations that involves accounting, sales, supply chain as well as customer relationships. ERP & CRM solution help in meeting the demands of diverse software for all these activities as well as ensure their effective integration at client's end. ETPL is the leading provider of web-based solutions for ERP, accounting, CRMand ecommerce.

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